Deborah Bancroft

Editor & Writing Coach: Making Words Behave Since 1996

Technical Editing

As a technical editor, I place particular emphasis on the following:

  • Editing for accuracy and consistency
  • Working with subject matter experts to develop and update documentation
  • Ensuring a smooth, controlled, and efficient editorial process
  • Managing documentation versioning and maintenance

Having worked in the corporate and high-tech arenas for many years, I understand the product design cycle and the kinds of changes that can be required at different phases of development. I understand networking and computer systems, how different parts of systems interact, and how changes in one area can affect all others. I know how to read requirements, functional specifications, and wireframes, and enjoy working with subject matter experts to make sure that the documentation accurately reflects the system. I am well-versed in all Microsoft Windows and Office products, including formatting and redlining with Microsoft Word Track Changes, and recording and running macros. I was pleased to see MS Visio as one of the requirements for this position; I have used Visio extensively in many contexts, from simple project planning to more formal UML activity diagramming.

I consider documentation development, management, and maintenance to be an integral part of product quality and customer support, and I take my work every bit as seriously as designers and programmers take theirs. Many writers and editors would be capable of editing a technical document, but a dedicated technical editor’s job involves much more. I have the skills and experience to do that job.