Services and Rates

My rate is $50/hr.

I know, seems a bit simplistic. Most editors have complex rate menus with different prices for different levels and word counts and whatnot.

But a flat rate just makes sense: Less work takes less time, so it costs less. More work takes more time, so it costs more. This holds true for all kinds of variables. For example, do you have a short article, or a long manuscript? Is the content simple, or complex? Do you want me to just fix typos and grammatical errors, or clarify muddles and overhaul the structure? You get the idea.

So how long will it take? Every project is different. If you have an article that’s due in a week, I’ll tell you what I can get done by then. If you have a business book that has to really shine, I’ll tell you what I think it needs and give you a good faith estimate. If anything changes, I’ll let you know and we can reassess if necessary.