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Editing Now: “Rogue Trade” by Jeff Sickelco

Ooh, technological thriller! Kickass female lead character! People jumping out windows and landing in swimming pools! I’ll let you know when this is published, because it’s a killer. Advertisements

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Editing Now: “Tall Omaha’ by Kristin Overhurst

I love this book. God, I love this book. Have I mentioned that I love this book? Kristine Oakhurst is having trouble writing the blurb for this book, and I … Continue reading

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Editing now: Bellevitus: In the Shadow of Julius Caesar

I’m working on a really interesting story now, Bellevitus: In the Shadow of Julius Caesar by Charles L. Lonardo. Did you know that the ancient Roman big wigs had TEN … Continue reading

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Enter The Bluebird is in production!

I’ve finished my work on Brendan Halpin’s FABULOUS YA superhero novel “Enter the Bluebird”. I am really proud of being part of this book — it’s a terrific story and … Continue reading

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Please Support Brand Gamblin’s Kickstarter for the long-awaited sequel to The Hidden Institute

So he can hire me to edit it! If any of you have seen the episode of Books and Beer I did last year with Evo Terra and Jeff Moriarty, … Continue reading

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Maisy Dee’s ‘The Recipe’: It’s got sex in it!

That’s all I would have wanted to know when I was a member of the YA demographic, but now I’m more interested in this article, “Maisy Dee’s ‘The Recipe’ and … Continue reading

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Life After NaNoWriMo: What’s Next for Your Novel?

ePublish Unum┬ájust published my article “Life After NaNoWriMo: What’s Next For Your Novel?” on their blog. Exciting! This is one of a series of articles that will eventually feed into … Continue reading

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