Do I Need an Editor?

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Of course you need an editor! Even editors need editors, true fact. Whether you’re self-publishing a business book or polishing your manuscript for submission to a publishing house, hiring an experienced editor makes your work stand out.

For example, one of my clients submitted his novel to a well-known critic. He didn’t expect a response, but the critic published a review. Why? Because “there aren’t any typos or structural screw ups, which pretty much rules out my standard plan of attack for self-published work… he’s obviously hired an editor to clean it up.”

“A book editor is an expense that you should include in the costs to write and publish your book. Their expertise often means the difference between an okay book and an exceptional book. If you want your book to give you credibility, secure the services of an experienced book editor who will polish it and make your book the very best it can be.”
Alicia Dunhams, “How Much Should a Book Editor Charge?