Deborah Bancroft

Editor & Writing Coach: Making Words Behave Since 1996

Writing Coaching

“By the time the average person graduates from college, they’ve had over 1700 hours of
direct instruction in their native language, and they still can’t write effectively. Something,
somewhere, is terribly, terribly broken.”

~Patrick E. Mclean, Founder and CEO of good words (right order)

I wrote my first short story when I was seven years old. “The Adventures of Pudge Pickle, Superhero!” did not catapult me to fame and fortune, but it did raise one crucial question:

“Is this someone’s real job?”

Turned out it was mine.

Back then, I thought words were magic. Having spent eighteen years as a professional writer, editor, and writing coach, I know that they’re not.

They’re better.

Words are handcrafted, perfectly calibrated tools, and everyone owns a set. The problem is that back in school, most of us got only the safety talk: “Kids, these are words. They are very complicated and there are a lot of rules. Be careful.”

I’m more like the awesome shop teacher who says, “Kids, these are words. And this year, we’re gonna make pickles fly.”