Deborah Bancroft

Editor & Writing Coach: Making Words Behave Since 1996


Not everyone is lucky enough to turn her character flaws into a career.

The attention to minute detail that drives my friends insane is your best friend when it comes to cleaning up your manuscript.

The total absorption in fictional worlds that irritates my family also means that I will notice if your heroine’s dress is green one minute and blue the next.

The BA in English, the Master’s Degree in Technical and Professional Writing, the sixteen years’ experience as a professional writer and editor… ok, those just mean that I know what I’m doing.

I do have some acceptable traits… I never pounce or scold, I don’t get irritated, and I won’t try to make you learn from your mistakes. I’m not here to take over, so my edits are invisible: all your reader will see is clean, naturally flowing text. I’m flexible and sensitive to character voice and dialect; I won’t insist that your taxi driver say “I haven’t got any change.”

Take a look at my Editorial Services and Pricing page; feel free to contact me with any questions, for a quote, or to request a free sample.


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