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Please Support Brand Gamblin’s Kickstarter for the long-awaited sequel to The Hidden Institute

So he can hire me to edit it! If any of you have seen the episode of Books and Beer I did last year with Evo Terra and Jeff Moriarty, you’ll have seen Brand come online in the Q&A session. Funny, funny, smart and funny. In response to a reviewer questioning the advisability of “Brand Gamblin” as a pen name, Brand said, “I agree — it would have been a terrible choice for a pen name… if it weren’t my real one.” 

I edited Brand’s “Discount Miracles” last year, and when I heard from Brendan Halpin (Caution: Falling Names!) that he was doing a kickstarter to fund the publication of this one, I was all up in his grill right away: “So, got an editor? It’s… it’s me, isn’t it?” He allowed as how yes, he’d been hoping I’d be available. Although it’s POSSIBLE he was just trying to talk me down, I took his word for it. 

I hope to be able to start work on Invitio Rex (the long-awaited sequel to The Hidden Institute) toward the end of the year. BUT! None of this happens without YOUR support. So please go to Brand’s Invitio Rex Kickstarter page and put your money where it will help two, count ’em, TWO independent businesspersons: Author Brand Gamblin, and Editor Yours Truly. 


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