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Editor & Writing Coach: Making Words Behave Since 1996

Just Released: Hostile Takeover by Patrick E. McLean (ed. Deborah Bancroft!)

Patrick E. McLean has just released the sequel to How to Succeed in Evil, entitled How to Succeed in Evil: Hostile Takeover. This time, the star is Topper Haggleblat, everyone’s favorite ill-intentioned, foul-mouthed, hedonistic dwarf!

Victorious over the forces of good (such as they are) Edwin Windsor is free to do the most evil thing he can imagine: open up an insurance company. Sure, it’s a cover for using the Cromoglodon (think, the Hulk) in a protection racket, but when Omdemnity Insurance begins to succeed on its own merits, it creates a problem for his loyal, violent, debaucherous and very, very short hench-lawyer, Topper. When you get into the game for the action, the last thing you want is a real job. Edwin and his company having sucked all the fun out of his life, Topper rebels.

What happens next isn’t pretty, but it sure is funny! And, according to McLean, “carefully proofed by the meticulous Deborah Bancroft.” 

I had a complete blast working on Hostile Takeover. Fans of McLean’s writing might wish to start badgering him — nicely! — about a sequel to Unkillable. (DON’T tell him Deborah sent you!)

For help with your own writing, check out McLean’s coaching business, good words (right order): “We don’t care about grammar. We care about clarity.”  


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