Why Deborah?

“…very skilled, very experienced… and (most important) fun to work with.”

I recommend Deborah Bancroft. In fact, I cannot recommend trying to publish a book without a Deb close to hand. She’s very skilled, very experienced, just snarky enough to put up with me and (most important) fun to work with.  She’s good people.

Patrick E. McLean, author of How to Succeed in Evil: Hostile Takeover (ed. Deborah Bancroft)How To Succeed in Evil (ed. Deborah Bancroft)Consultation With a VampireUnkillable, and Stories I Told Myself.

“…as concerned as I was with accurately conveying my message.”

Deb just finished editing my book on the legalities of blogging, and she did a beautiful job…. She asked clarifying questions during the editing process which showed that she was as concerned as I was with accurately conveying my message, and focused on more than my spelling and grammatical errors. I was pleased that she gave suggestions of alternate verbiage that would be more appealing to the reader. Her rate was very reasonable and she finished the project in the expected time. I strongly recommend her to anyone who needs their manuscript edited.

Ruth Carter, author of Amazon Best Seller The Legal Side of Blogging: How Not to Get Fired, Sued, Arrested or Killed (ed. Deborah Bancroft). Ruth also writes The Carter Law Firm blog, and The Undeniable Ruth, and was recently named one of ABA Journal‘s Legal Rebels of 2012.

…incredibly thorough, careful, clear and correct.”

I am a professional writer and I thought I was a pretty good editor and proofreader. Hah! When I turned a client’s project over to Deb for cleanup, I learned what really good proofreading is! She was incredibly thorough, careful, clear and correct. Just as important, she didn’t change things that didn’t need to be changed — but she and her figurative red pencil found all the things I missed, and our final piece was so much crisper because of her expertise. And the icing on the figurative cake? Turns out she’s really fun to work with, too.

Ann B. Gordon, Writer

“…professional, talented, and tenacious.”

Deborah is professional, talented, and tenacious. When suggesting changes to a fight scene, she did some research and sent me video of martial arts moves to help me block out the scene. She was asking which style guide I wanted to use while I was still checking my spelling. She is friendly, experienced, and always right.

Deborah’s help made a huge impact on the quality of the story; I would definitely recommend her. In fact, I plan on hiring her again for my next project, provided she isn’t swamped with other projects.

Brand Gamblin, author of Discount Miracles (ed. Deborah Bancroft)Tumbler, and The Hidden Institute 2010 and 2011 Parsec Award Finalist for “Best Speculative Fiction Story (Novella Form)”

“Deborah’s got your back!”

Deb is amazing! I love that not only does she edit the nuts and bolts, she will jump in and veto anything really stupid. Deborah’s got your back!

Maisy Dee, author of The Recipe (ed. Deborah Bancroft)

“… outstanding in every way…. a pleasure to work with.”

I contributed a chapter to a forthcoming book on High Performance Organizations and hired Deborah as a writer/editor to help me. Her work on this project was outstanding in every way. She delivered very high quality work in a timely fashion. She is also a pleasure to work with. I have since used her on a number of editing projects and will continue to rely on her when I need such services.

Hanley BriteAuthentic Connections

“creativity and commitment to excellence”

Deb is one of the most articulate, intelligent and professional people I have ever had the pleasure to work with. She is an extremely organized writer with excellent communication skills, both in her writing and in her interactions with her peers and management. Her creativity and commitment to excellence make her stand out among her peers.

Lisa Millette, Customer Solutions Consultant, Intuit QuickBase